Summer Cancellations

We are optimistic about the prospects for our summer banquets (Athletic Hall of Fame, Pathways to Success Distinguished Educator and Distinguished Alumni) being scheduled later this summer.  We are excited about these programs and will inform the public when decisions are made.

We Are A Community Committed To Its Children

They Lit the Way: Honoring Albert Lea's Distinguished Educators

Brookside Administrative Offices, Community Ed and Alternative Learning Center

A partner to the Pathways to Success–Distinguished Alumni  program, the They Lit the Way–Distinguished Educator program recognizes those extraordinary individuals who were on the other side of the desk from those who became distinguished alumni.  Outstanding teachers deserve recognition as Distinguished Educators for the assistance they provide their students in unveiling the genius that rests within us all.  For as Plutarch observed, “The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be ignited.”  Those honored as Distinguished Educators are representative of all teachers who have enlightened their students and have “Lit the Way” for the path that leads to their future.  Please recognize a teacher who was especially influential for you by submitting a nomination from one of the fields below.