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Legacy Projects

The Foundation works in cooperation with the District, Alumni groups, and other approved organizations to raise and administer funds for legacy projects which have been approved by the School Board. These funds are held until needed for specified projects.

The Fund will receive, acknowledge, and disburse funds for approved projects. In undertaking these duties, the Foundation will not provide any monies from other assets it holds.

Beginning with the ALHS Class of 1956, a program of Legacy Projects was started with the development of the Inspiration and Ponder Point area at the High School.  Since then several classes have undertaken projects or provided funds for permanent endowments.  To date, five classes have participated in Legacy Projects in honor of their classes:

1. The Class of 1952 contributed over $5000 to the Tiger Alumni Student Assistance Endowment. 

2.  The members of the Class of 1956 funded the creation of the first phase of the Inspiration and Ponder Point area at the high school.  It was dedicated in honor of their teachers. (See photo 1 below)

3. The members of the Class of 1957 funded the second phase of the Ponder & Inspiration Point project.  It included a presentation platform and a bronze statue of “The Thinker”.   (See photo 2 below)

4.The members of the Class of 1958 provided the design and funding for a new illuminated sign and landscaping at the entrance to the high school parking lot.   (See photo 3 below)

5. The members of the Class of 1959 provided funding for new a drop-off area which provides easier access to the high school auditorium for handicapped and older visitors.   (See photo 4 below)

Class of 1956

Class of 1957

Class of 1958

Class of 1959


 Other classes with an interest in a Legacy Project are encouraged to contact the Foundation.