Pathways to Success--Distinguished Alumni

The 2022 Pathways to Success Reception has been scheduled for October 13th at The Wedgewood Cove.  A detailed description of the event may be found here.  We are seeking nominations for the 2023 Distinguished Alumni honorees.  Online and mail in nomination forms may be accessed below.

The 2022 Distinguished Alumni honorees are presented immediately below.

We Are A Community Committed To Its Children

Larry Brandt

Larry Brandt

Class of 1969

In honor of his outstanding accomplishments in the tire industry world and his service to his community

Jay Johnson

Jay Johnson

Class of 1979

In honor of his remarkable achievements in the production and marketing of greenhouse grown foods

Stacia Lang

Stacia Lang

Class of 1982

In honor of her long career as one of Hollywood’s premier specialty costumers

Kathy Nielsen

Kathy Nielsen

Class of 1968

In honor of her creations of outstanding and innovative worldwide programs in the growing business of training/coaching

Pathways to Success: Honoring Albert Lea's Distinguished Alumni

Brookside Administrative Offices, Community Ed and Alternative Learning Center
Success can be hard to define.  Although people define it in different ways, the Education Foundation and the Albert Lea Area Schools define it as the activities of individuals who have had a positive impact on their community or the world. Our goal is to recognize those individuals who have graduated from Albert Lea High School and excelled in their careers.  Our aim is to give encouragement to students by recognizing and honoring alumni who can serve as role models.  Each year four individuals will be honored for their success in (1) business and economic endeavors or (2) humanitarian and public service.

This program was established for the purpose of recognizing and honoring graduates of Albert Lea High School who have become successful citizens, whether in the business world or in the public service arena.  By recognizing and honoring these distinguished alumni, it is the Foundation’s hope that as they share stories of their pathways to success, students will be inspired to themselves become successful world citizens.


  • To honor successful alumni
  • To inspire current ALHS students to realize and acknowledge that their pathway to success begins with their education
  • To recognize the importance of a nurturing community
  • To honor the ALHS educational system


The Foundation Board has established that each honoree qualifies under one of the following four categories:

1) Business/Economic achievement,

2) Humanitarian/Public Service achievement,

3) Local resident who has accomplished one of the above achievements

4) Posthumous award of one who has accomplished one of the above achievements

The selections will be based on the following:

  • Business/Economic Achievement
  •  Net worth/economic achievement
  • National/International reputation
  • Position/achievement in corporate structure
  • Strong work ethic
  • Philanthropic involvement
  • Humanitarian/Public Service
  • Impact on society
  • Extended reputation—beyond one’s immediate community


  1. Honorees must be graduates of Albert Lea High School
  2. Honorees must be vibrant and collectively provide an effective group to speak to ALHS seniors
  3. Honorees (or those nominating them) should provide information as to how the honoree has contributed to the betterment of humanity
  4. Both genders will be represented among the living honorees, subject to exception in any year by a majority vote of the board
  5. Members of the Foundation Board will not nominate members of their own families.
  6. An honoree’s reputation must be beyond reproach (no misdeeds, breaches of law, inappropriate behavior, etc.)
  7. Board will seek to include honorees of a diverse scope—to include as much diversity as is possible
  8. Living honorees should be present at the fall banquet and be available to meet with ALHS students in the year they are honored.  If they themselves cannot be present, a family member or representative must be available to attend the banquet
  9. Honorees (or their representatives) will be able to communicate effectively with a Foundation representative to finalize the honoree’s biography for print, to submit the honoree’s reproducible photograph, and to confirm participation and housing needs for the banquet.
  10. Members of the Foundation Board will recuse themselves from voting on the possibility of a family member becoming an honoree
  11. In any given year, there is no expectation that an honoree needs to be selected from each of the four categories
  12. There is no expectation that honorees must financially support the Foundation